Douglas Miles

Douglas Miles interview by Phil Freedom Douglas Miles is a San Carlos Apache–Akimel O’odham painter, printmaker and photographer from Arizona, who founded Apache Skateboards and Apache Skate Team. He is nationally recognized and a veteran in the Phoenix mural scene. His giant, bright and colorful depictions of native women’s facesContinue Reading

Hey y’all. So there is this art wall in my neighborhood that this artist Cheryl hooks up all the time. She has art installation stuff and has had this wall up for years. She does really cool different themed installations. She she’s done Juan about kitchens. She had one thatContinue Reading

Alex Ramirez featured image

I’ve known Alex longer than any other muralist painting in Oak Street this year. I think its been about 25 years now… We met when most of us lived and partied in Tempe. He was hanging with Lalo when we all lived on Don Carlos and hung out at SubContinue Reading

Neighbor, Artist, musician, and more, Michael Stopher/2DES has been part of Coronado for a decade and has steadily been producing content. He has participated in Oak Street Alley Mural fest, the Hive’s Coronado neighborhood art show, and done other murals in the neighborhood, 3D augmented reality art, as well asContinue Reading