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The problem it seems most of the time is starting, or rather postponing the start. I find more and more, every project, every interest, every activity is dragged on to infinity or some distant now in the future. Once you, or I, specifically, come around to actually allowing my potential energy to transform to kinetic energy, the hardest part is over. And like that point when you are doing something routine and you count half and you feel as if you are on the decline of the necessary work that needs to be done, say like when half the month is over, or half the dishes, or half the pages are read, … at that point you are more than half way done, because most of the work was handled as soon as your eyes or hands got busy with the task at hand.

Of course we must be mentally prepared to handle what needs or wants to be done, and it’s a good idea to plan accordingly, talk experiences with others, allocate resources, funds, or plans, give ourselves space to consider the project/s in different mindsets states (whatever that means to you) or emotional states, and even consider the project from others perspectives. This really is almost half the work. Deciding to handle something, stepping up with the tools and interest, and engaging with hands and mind/s, begins the difference between talking about something and doing it. In a very light-hearted but yet real way, this is a form of direct action. There is seldom reason to over-think or over-prepare for projects. The interest of this sentiment is to incite minds to act, and to encourage action. I say this to self as much as other.
Get to doing what you want. Get started.

This, my friends, is the intro to one of my blog personas. File under Too Many Projects. Often (really always, yet I do sometimes find my self embracing the concept of free time and feeling like nothing is immediately due), I feel like I have, or there are, too many projects I wish to engage in or see happen. I imagine this is a result of ambition and I’m sure this feeling is shared by many.
Since we are here, transcribing from my brain and body, and theres no real great way to hear what you, the reader, wants to see happen unless you share it here or elsewhere… we’ll have to stick with my project ideas… you know, the point of this here blog…
that being said…I want to also explain that there’s no real way for me to handle everything I want, and if others end up doing something that aligns with my project interests, I will gladly move on and do something else (another project). I am also open to working with (almost) anyone on (almost) anything.
My main self identity construct especially regarding projects is as a designer; mostly graphic, some web, clothes, events, and uhm…lets say miscellaneous. So most of my projects will assume these forms. My political, cultural, and religious orientation is simple and universal. I believe in freedom for all peoples. I believe in aggressive equality world-wide. No borders, and no empires. So, if I am not personally struggling to help me and my family eat and pay the troll, I may be open to help design things, especially if they are more radically minded.
Ok…lets see…
this week I would love to

Layout the Phone Photo Issue of Pholx (which is still open for participation) and is basically gonna be 36 pages of 30 peoples phone photos…yet I am still waiting on contributions…

Design logo (hand draw monkey and squid for new 5th st kids store)  I love the challenge of a good logo, especially one with animals, cause I don’t my self great at it.

Reupholster barstools for Jobot. I think there is  just over a dozen. I just did 3 a few weeks ago and it went quick. Thought about making it a workshop, just cant tell which would require more work. I’ll probably do it at the Lab on Roosevelt, since I have barely used the sewing studio there.

Move the sewing studio. Besides the studio I don’t use at the Lab, I have another set of machines and tables in my shed, and Steve and Julia at the Hive said I can move it in there. Which, the Hive is 2 blocks from my house so it may come in more handy.

Create Text for the Learning Flower. Learningflower.com If you don’t see me in person or on fb or insta…the learning flower is a dense layered set of symbol systems I am developing as a fridge magnet puzzle product. If I type up a good explanation of how to use it (like my friends have been saying for months) another friend will help me market it. Otherwise, how the hell do you share a good idea or product?

Create Text for the number spiral. A math professor at ASU said he would help me develop this system for understanding  numbers and relationships that  I stumbled upon. Its easy and basic, yet fascinating. Heres the trip, all numbers fit into a spiral shape system of the 12 positions of the clock and behave accordingly. Kinda like mod math 12 but using all numbers.

Add the numbers to the number spiral mural. I am painting a mural of the number spiral and wanted most of it up before the Willow home tour feb 10th…cause its visible from 3rd ave.

Meter Maid Stickers. This jerkface meter man sucked $70 out of my pocket last month and this is how I was able to vent it and let it go.

Come up with good location and scenario for life-like dummy. I don’t know what it is, but something compels me to make life-like puppets and dummies.

Blog a little. Booyah!

Website construction/maintenance. I just bought Mobaction.com again and I am not sure if I just wanna use phlox.com or if I should develop a site again for mob action and mobaction university. I’m also in the thinking stages of developing foreignpolicyfailures.com

Foreign Policy Failures. I need to network with another 2 artists for the mini clothing line.

Animation Sketchbook. Begin dedicated sketchbook to developing animation show project.

That’s all I can think of for now. Lets see how much I can get handled….feel free to share project ideas, complications, or participation ideas in the comments…
appreciate the attention.

Phil Freedom